Hi! My name is Alec Bar. I’m the creator of the ‘CLAUSTRUM’ project.

This is a project to create an action movie including mixed martial arts combat.

The project is being prepared for a crowdfunding campaign.

Author`s appeal / full text version here

Short film "Claustrum / the place for only one"

Synopsis will be soon. Follow the news!


At this stage i am would like to learn Your opinion about the further development of the project. Please answer a few questions below. This is necessary to prepare the crowdfunding campaign.
Are you interested in a future full-length movie?
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Support the Author

Dear friends, it has been almost a year that I have been working on this project exclusively without any other income.

If you have the desire and the means, you can support me by making a donation here.

For collaboration and partnership suggestions in any field regarding the making and promotion of this movie


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